Coach Sara Hill Mass at the 2013 CrossFit Northeast Regional Competition

Coach + owner Sara Mass at the 2013 CrossFit Northeast Regional Competition

Each year, CrossFit headquarters holds the CrossFit Open. Any and all CrossFit athletes from around the world are allowed to sign up and perform the prescribed WODs in their hometown CrossFit affiliate. There, they are judged by a certified coach and their numbers are entered into the worldwide leaderboard (whiteboard).

The world is broken down into various regions. (CrossFit Martha’s Vineyard is part of the United State’s Northeast Region.) In America, the 60 top athletes from each region are invited to compete at the CrossFit Regional Competition in their zone. Some of these athletes break off into teams, while others go on to compete as individuals.

The top three athletes (3 women, 3 men, and 3 teams) to finish each Regional competition continue on to compete with other Regional winners at the final CrossFit Games in California.

While CrossFit is a form of fitness that’s available to anybody because it can be scaled and modified for all levels, CrossFit is also very much a sport. Because of its appeal to so many varied abilities, CrossFit can be used simply as a daily fitness routine, or as a serious form of competition. The choice is always the individuals with how far they wish to go in their training, and there is never any reason to be intimidated by other athletes, as every member of CFMV respects each other’s level of comfort and ability.

Coach and owner Sara Mass has competed in the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 CrossFit Northeast Regionals. 

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