KidFit class with Coach Sara

To contact our KidFit team of coaches with any questions or to see when the next session begins, email Please be sure to read this page in its entirety before contacting us with questions. 

What is KidFit?

KidFit is a place for 8-12 year olds to learn to love physical activity!

Whether enhancing skills for a team sport, discovering a brand new passion they never knew they had, or simply getting in shape, KidFit will challenge and excite your student. Skills they will safely learn from a trainer & professional staff include: Olympic weightlifting techniques, gymnastic exercises both on and off the bar, core strength, flexibility, and fun cardio-building games such as relay tic tac toe, and obstacle course races.

Students keep track of their progress in journals and learn vocabulary of Crossfit, weightlifting and health. We encourage our young athletes to learn from each other. Returning KidFitters build on what they learned in the previous session, and new Fit Kids learn movements and skills for the first time.

KidFit is a place with no judgement, where kids can challenge themselves, make new friends, and have a GREAT TIME!

Why is it important?

Physical activity has been proven to increase cognition and encourage neurogenesis. Students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities benefit from physical movement; especially cross-lateral movements which stimulates both brain hemispheres as they communicate with each other.  

Some experts say strength training for young athletes can actually reduce their risk of injury from sports. Studies also find that regular exercise reduces the likelihood of depression and other social/emotional issues.

We hope that KidFit is a place for kids to find joy in strength, and confidence in what they can DO.

Students at any level of fitness are welcome! Although the age group is 8-12, exceptions are made on a case by case basis. In KidFit the emphasis is on technique and fun! All of the movements and workouts can be modified to accommodate ability. Students find themselves achieving goals they never imagined before they started!

A typical class looks like this:

Vocabulary Word of the Day: students gather and write down the “secret code word” of the day and its definition.

Warmup: 10 min varies according to WOD (workout of the day) Includes cardio, stretching and skill work leading to workout focus.

Skill Work: 15- 20 minutes working on a specific lift or skill i.e rope climbs, power cleans, handstands, push presses.

WOD: 10-15 min short crossfit style workout, typical incorporates a HIIT style workout structure with olympic lifting, plyometrics and gymnastic skills

Game: (can take the place of the WOD depending on the day) an activity that encourages teamwork and makes fitness FUN!

To contact our KidFit team of coaches with any questions, email

Future Plans

Like our kids, our youth program is growing! In the future we hope to be able to offer teen classes, summer programs and regular partnerships with schools sports teams!