Covid19 Information

updated November 19, 2020

Fall 2020 / Winter 2020-21

State guidelines allow us to have 18 people inside, though CFMV has decided to cap our indoor capacity to 9 athletes per class, plus one coach – for a total of 10 people during class. It remains our goal to keep everyone as safe as possible, and we believe this helps achieve that.

MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES while inside our facility.

Social distancing is a MUST. We have created athlete stations that are 14-feet apart, but we must also remain 6 feet away from each other while getting equipment and near the doorways. As a reminder, if anyone has been within 6 feet of someone for 15 minutes or more and that person tests positive, YOU are required to self-quarantine since it is considered “close contact.” AVOID THAT POSSIBILITY ALTOGETHER by staying 6 feet apart at all times.

If a member of your household is considered to have had “close contact” with someone who has tested positive, you are permitted back to CFMV only after the member of your household has satisfied the state guidelines, which are: a 14-day self-quarantine since date of last exposure; OR a 10-day self-quarantine since date of last exposure AND no symptoms AND a negative test on day 8.

Signing up for class in advance will continue to be required. Athletes are also now required to complete a daily health attestation form online before entering the building to start any class. This form can be found here, and it is suggested you bookmark it on your phone. Entry is not permitted until the form is complete. If any athlete is feeling unwell for any reason or there is confirmed or suspected exposure to covid by you or any member of your household, you must not enter our facility.

All athletes will face away from each other during WODs

The three garage bay doors will remain closed for warmups but WILL BE OPEN for WODs. Please dress accordingly. Come layered and remove clothing as needed.

The facility will use the 30 minutes between the time a class ends and the time the next class begins to ensure thorough cleaning. Athletes are still required to clean up their station. Staff will perform a deeper clean between classes.

All athletes are still required to wash hands and/or use sanitizer upon entering.

Anyone who wishes to continue working out outside will be able to.

There will be no shared space for bags. Please limit what is brought into our facility, and keep any personal belongings at your workout station.

Come in healthy, clean your hands, do your WOD, stay distanced, clean up your station, and SEE YA until next time! Let’s ride out this pandemic in shape!




May 27, 2020

We are delighted to announce that we are able to offer outside classes now as part of MA’s Phase 1 reopening plan! The Tisbury Board of Health visited last week and has stated we are well within the guidelines & pleased to hear the additional steps we are voluntarily taking to ensure safety for everyone and respect for our neighbors.

As we begin to slowly offer these classes, we ask our members to please be patient with us as we take the time necessary to stay aboveboard on all guidelines. While we are super excited to get back at it, this will not at all be a quick return to how we operated pre-covid. There are many new steps we have to take as laid out by the state, and those will make things a bit different for us as we return.

Here’s what our outside class programming will look like for us during Phase 1:

  • Classes are capped at 6 athletes, plus a coach, keeping us under the 10-person max allowed by the state

  • We have a portable handwashing station set up outside, as well as hand sanitizer at each individual workout station, and require all members to either wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon arriving

  • Members must wear a mask whenever 6-ft distance cannot be kept. Members are also required to have a mask “at the ready” (either around their neck, in their pocket, or on their mat) to be ready to use whenever social distancing isn’t possible. Further, we ask all members to “mask up” should they see any people out while on runs through our neighborhood, even if social distancing is being maintained.

  • Any member without a mask “at the ready” will be unable to participate, so don’t forget your mask!

  • Workout stations (which are 8×12 feet of individual, marked activity space) will be placed 12 feet apart

  • Each workout station will have its own basket of CDC-approved cleaning products so that members can sanitize their designated space before and after use

  • CFMV coaches will further disinfect between classes, using the extra time between scheduled classes to do so

  • Class times are scheduled in such a way that there is no overlap in people coming and going, to allow for ample social distancing during ingress and egress. Members are asked not to arrive to class early and not to hang around after class has ended

  • Members are required to pre-register (aka sign up on WODTogether) to reserve their class time

  • There will be no shared equipment within any class at any time

  • There will be no physical contact of members or coaches (including: no fist bumps, no chest bumps, no high fives)

  • Members only are permitted on premises; children and dogs are not currently permitted onsite

  • Informational signage about public health guidelines & CFMV Standards of Behavior are posted

  • Our building is closed except for use of the bathroom by one person entering at a time

    State guidelines and CFMV standards are subject to change.